Tom Dowdall, Male, 33, Ex-Rugby Player/Architect – I’ve never responded so well to training as I have done following Leo’s Strength and Conditioning programme. Leo seems to have a knack for knowing how to tailor a programme to get the best results out of you. He also has a knack for really making you sweat – and probably swear a bit in the first few weeks! But what a difference if you stick to it. I am following his 6 week programmes focusing on gaining strength, not bulk. I was tentative to begin with when lifting heavier weights on fewer reps, but thanks to Leo’s encouragement, when the fourth week hit I was flying and really increasing the weights! I’ve improved a huge amount since the start, and its thanks to such a focused and well thought out programme. I hugely recommend Leo.

Sandy Gumm, Female, 49, Company Director - I thought I had reached more or less the best level of fitness that I could realistically get to at my age and with my lifestyle, but since starting with Leo eight months ago I'm happy to have been proved wrong. Leo has taken the time and trouble to fully understand some minor injuries and a few other specific issues and we've set goals that I have really enjoyed working towards. Not a lot makes me spring out of bed before dawn with a smile on my face and energy to burn, but the prospect of an early morning session with Leo does just that!

Sade Akintola, Female, 28, Teacher – Leo is extremely passionate about fitness and it shows through his energy and motivation. No shouting, no humiliation – just pure enthusiasm and support for a healthier life which has given me the power to make the change I need! Each workout challenges me in a different way, and after now losing over a stone, I’m able to enjoy myself while at the gym. If you’re serious about changing your life for the better and making a positive change towards a healthier lifestyle, Leo will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Maria Feld, Female, 30, Finance Professional - Leo is part psychologist as well as a great trainer because he understands what motivates you and how to achieve goals. His tips and advice helped me make the most out of the days we trained and the days we didn't. Ultimately, he got me visible results, which is what I was after in time for my holiday. Now to look better for the next one! 

William Staynes, Male, 27, City Worker – For years, I could never understand why I was failing to get the fitness and look I wanted, and often struggled to motivate myself to going to the gym as a result. Since working with Leo however, I have not only seen rapid improvements in my physique and overall fitness, but also in my general wellbeing, and my knowledge of what works. This has allowed me to stay motivated, and committed to a long term plan that continues to work for me, in a way that suits my busy schedule. Combined with Leo’s cheerful and fun manner, his programme and personal interest in my development has been crucial for the progress I’ve achieved.