What’s your why? Everyone has physical potential.

Whether you are an elite sportsperson or a recreational gym goer, there are always days that you would rather skip going to train, or days that you can’t be bothered. It takes something a lot more meaningful than “everyone else is doing it” to get you through these sessions.

It’s very hard to ignore your health and wellbeing at this time of the year. With all of the gym membership offers thrown in your face and health and fitness everywhere in the media. But you shouldn’t just succumb to the pressures of the masses, because “everyone else is doing it”. It won’t last.

Whether you are chasing that place in the team or a personal goal. YOU need to want to do it. Nobody else. This inner motivation, the desire, will prove the difference between you starting on a journey with no limits, truly discovering your potential. Or embarking on a hobby that will last until a hard day comes and something better comes along.

It is one of the main questions in every consultation I take with prospective clients. If, from the offset, you can identify your why, then it becomes a journey and not a burden. Believe it or not, everyone has some level of physical potential. Some more so than others. But there is potential in everyone. The second you recognise this; you open up a whole new realm in your progression. Set yourself a goal, large or small, reach it, and the feeling of achievement is infectious.