Transformation - Ryan

I'm really pleased with Ryan and his progress over the last 6 months. It's been tough at times but he's really stuck at it and got exactly what he was after. Ryan didn't watch anything that went into his body, food wise. There was next to no activity present in his life, not to forget the alcohol consumption. 

There was a clear goal in mind when we first started training in March, a complete overhaul of lifestyle and get him in shape for his 40th birthday which is this weekend. All credit to Ryan, he kept with it. Maintained balance throughout and had quite a few trips abroad to work around, some of those being a couple of trips to the Euros in the summer. 

There has been huge physical change with Ryan, but only the other day we were discussing the psychological impact the changes have made to him. Heaps of confidence, not only with how he looks, but knowing he is healthier and not disregarding the importance of looking after your body. 

Couldn't be more happy for him. We have already set the next target for after his birthday! It's never too late for change!


Was 119kg - Now 101kg

Body Fat

Was 31.2% - Now 17.1%

Waist size

Was 40" - Now 36"