Transformation - Eugenia

By watching what she ate and increasing the amount of exercise she did, Eugenia lost 12kg and dropped 2 dress sizes.

Back in May, Eugenia had become unhappy with her fitness levels and physically with how she felt. She wasn't keeping an eye on what she ate, due to her busy schedule and had no time for any physical activity.  She had the best motivation to get her back on track, her wedding day in the August bank holiday and was raring to go.

We started with the basics with Eugenia. Food. The main thing being controlling her portion sizes as this was a silent killer for her. Quite often she would tell me that she would get carried away with eating "healthy" foods, thinking it was ok to eat as much as she wanted because they were good for you. This isn't the case. Especially when it comes to weight loss. We also started a weights programme with myself, coupled with independent cardio sessions. 

The amount of discipline and commitment Eugenia showed was unquestionable. She has taken everything we have done, and changed the way that she sees food and exercise completely. 

She looked amazing on her wedding day, and I was so proud of her. You can see how much happier she is in her photos, and that makes all of the hard times so much more worth it!