Transformation - Callum


I have been working with @callumnicholls this summer, and we are both super happy with his progress. Both physically and his new mentality towards training. He was dedicated, honest and very hard working. Gaining inches notably on his upper body, but the biggest change was in his legs with strength rocketing. Callum is someone that lead a very fit life (he's a trainer) and got caught in the trap of sticking to the same routines. It's been a massive eye opener for him, in terms of the intensity you need to bring to each session, and really applying yourself to your programme. Both nutritionally and in the gym. Leaving with the physical changes are great, but knowing why you are doing certain things in regards to training and why you eat certain foods is something that will stay with Callum. Trust the process and the rest will follow. Patience!

Weight -  Start 76.5kg - Current 80.2kg