Surround Yourself With People That Uplift You

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“You are the company you keep”, no doubt a phrase everyone has been told at some point in their life. Whether or not you believe it is a whole separate story. One thing I will say, is that it definitely makes a difference. Especially when it comes to your journey of discovering your physical potential.

It all relates back to what your main reason for training is, what your why is. If you are embarking on a new goal, trying to lead a healthy life, or chasing a dream. Being in the environment of people who know exactly what they are training for, will undoubtedly motivate you, make it more enjoyable and keep you on the right track when you have those questionable days. Don’t get me wrong, I am not describing some sort of super crew that goes to the gym everyday, doesn’t slip up on diet and are a group of machines. It is more about being a group of individuals that have the same desire to reach their goals. Large or small.

You may not have the luxury of having these characters in your social group. Which then leads me to say that your environment will play a huge part in your progression as an individual. By indirectly surrounding yourself with people of similar mind set, even though you may not be directly interacting with them, you will feed off their energy and be forced to train with the focus that is required to see progression. This may be a great gym, that the serious gym goers are signed up to, the training facility that all of the dedicated athletes train at or the club that has the best players.

If none of these are available to you, but you want to achieve. Seek help. Any decent trainer is more than happy to discuss basics with you without charging by the word. Then when you see that the knowledge actually makes a difference, you will see the added value of working with one. Sometimes the most difficult journey seems unbearable until you realise you have the support system in place to get you there, be it friends, peers or professionals.

However you look at it, being around people that are driven and motivated, directly or indirectly, will have an effect on your progression. Be sure to put yourself in this position, and see how much of a difference it makes to your training and also how much more you enjoy yourself.