Be In It For The Long Game

A lot of motivation comes from a short term stimulus that brings you towards taking action. But what happens when that is over. You either lose focus, because you don’t feel like it is worth all of the effort, or you get there and try to figure out what to do next. This leads to very inconsistent training periods and a lack of direction.

The day my training took a turn for the better, was when I stopped chasing the “holiday body” or the percentage body fat and focused on performance. I reached a point where I wanted to get more out of training and wanted to build the most rounded version of me as I could. Incorporating strength training, cardio, yoga, circuits and LOTS of stretching. I had a starting point for each different element and focused on chipping away, bit by bit and slowly improving on them.

Falling in love with the process, I physically and mentally saw improvements not only in my performance when carrying out the different disciplines, but my mindset towards training changed completely and left me stimulated. I found myself thinking of the long term, sometimes a part of me would say “do this now, and your older self will love you for it”, and that would be enough to keep my motivation levels high. Rightly so. The more you look after your body and put into it, the more you will get out of it, its that simple. I’m not saying to suddenly try and do as much as possible to play catch up with all of the training you’ve missed out on.  What I am saying, is if you have an aspect that falls behind everything else in your training (cardio, flexibility etc.), don’t continue to push it to the side. Make a start on improving right from the beginning, even if you can’t touch your toes or run for 5 minutes straight. Once you make a start, improvements will come bit by bit and eventually your weakness will be one of your strengths.

Everything you are doing now with your body, be it nutritionally or physically will undoubtedly have an effect on your state physically and mentally in the future. When you have this in your head and take action on it, the way you think about what you’re training and why you are training completely changes.