Hotel Workout

I had the pleasure of attending a client and good friends' wedding in Moscow over the weekend. An awesome day in an awesome city. She looked amazing in her dress, I'll post before and after photos of her in another post.

Like many of my clients are always telling me "I didn't know what to do in the hotel gym", or "there was hardly any equipment at the hotel", I also came across a similar dilemma. There were limited facilities, with only 1 dumbbell! However, this didn't stop me. I improvised, heavily. Finishing off with lengths in the pool.

If you want to keep going with your fitness and progress while you are away, even when you can't carry out your usual programme, it is much better to do accessory work or a circuit style workout than nothing at all and binge!

Here's a few snapshots of the workout I did.

10 press ups

10 single arm shoulder press each arm

10 single arm row each arm

10 goblet jump squat

10 goblet lunge jump

5 rounds