Do You Enjoy Training?

Enjoyment plays a huge part in the continuation of your development when it comes to, not only getting to a certain level physically, but staying there. You’d be amazed by the amount of faces I see in the gym that have “I don’t want to be here” written all over them. Then bodes the question, if you don’t want to be here, then are you making the most out of your time? Or are you going through the motions, just to tick off another session on the calendar for peace of mind?

Far too often people start of with the right intentions, a full head of goals and heaps of motivation. But also far too often, somewhere along the line, that disappears and there is a feeling of monotony, boredom and unfulfillment.  This is down to people losing sight of the bigger picture of what training is all about.

I would say that at some level, most people that go to the gym, are chasing an aesthetic goal. Which is absolutely fine, everyone has a degree of vanity to them, be it hardly any or far too extreme. That isn’t the issue. When you focus on what you are looking like in the gym every day, rather than what you are actually doing in the gym everyday, you are on a downwards slope.

Our bodies are made to move and have the potential to achieve amazing things. When we focus on accomplishment and performance, the feeling you get when training takes a shift from focusing on the mirrors, to actually realising there is a lot more you can achieve physically when you put your mind to it. The feeling of running a faster time, lifting a heavier weight or pulling your own bodyweight for the first time is unparalleled. Naturally, the by product of this shift in focus, distracts you from your original aesthetic goals, all in the mean time helping you achieve them.

All it takes is one goal to get yourself started. There are an abundance of physical challenges to always chase, whether you want to get stronger, start calisthenics, run faster or improve at a sport. But if you are always chasing a weight or physique, when you finally reach it, then what? You wont stay in the same shape for the rest of your life once you get there, so is it worth it?

Are you chasing a performance goal, or simply wanting to look a certain way? Shift your focus away from what you look like, even if it is temporarily, and drop me an email if you genuinely don’t get a good feeling after doing something you never thought your body could achieve.

Discover your potential.